J Price (Bath) Ltd. Making Quality Rubber Mouldings in Britain since 1936

J Price (Bath) Ltd British Manufacturing Rubber Components for 80+ years

Price (Bath) Ltd produces a wide variety of rubber components as well as rubber hand grips such as cushion rubbers, rubber discs, rubber stops, covers in rubber, rubber bulbs,  rubber dampers and many other items which are used in the industry.  We also make rubber ferrules of many types, large and small.  Whilst there is just a small selection of rubber components on our website at the moment - we hope to add more products each week.

J Price Rubber MouldingsWe also make rubber items for industry and consumer products and rubber mouldings for cars. Parts for classic cars include horn bulbs, pedal rubbers and anti-vibration mountings in rubber. 

We have the capability to manufacture rubber products made to order against a used, unused sample, or drawing. Whether you are looking for a few or thousands it is worth contacting us for a quote.

J Price Rubber Mouldings

Historically we have supplied the Marine Industry with rubber parts, from boat rubber items, including boat trailer rubber parts such as snubbers, rollers, V rollers parallel and rake stops. Also supplying the Navy, Army, MOD and NATO Rubber with components for spares and original equipment. Ship scupper lips of several sizes, boat rubbers, P, and PD, mounts and M, Anti-vibration mounts and shock washers for all NATO mounts.

J Price Rubber Mouldings

We have over 84 years of experience making rubber components. If you can't find what you were looking for on the website do get in touch as there's a good chance we can make it for you. Email louise@jpricebath.co.uk or call on 01225742141.